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Vibox Gaming PC Bundle – Review

One of the questions we get asked most here at JBGaming is ‘how can I get a gaming PC for console prices?’ The short answer is, you can’t. That’s also the long answer, too. It’s impossible to get even a slightly decent desktop PC for console money, let alone a machine that can run Skyrim in 4K.

The fact of the matter is, you get what you pay for when it comes to PC gaming. To get a half decent PC that will run games such as PUBG, Overwatch & GTA, you’re going to have to pay half decent money. 

The Vibox Sharpshooter Package is the perfect place to start if you’re looking for an introductory gaming PC. It is designed with upgrades in mind, but comes fully stocked with a lightening fast 4.0GHz AMD FX 4-Core CPU, a powerful Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 2GB Graphics Card & 8GBs 1600MHz High Speed RAM. That’s enough to wet the lips of even the most experienced PC gamer.

The machine is powerful enough to run almost all high end games, and the package even includes a free 22″ HD Monitor, a headset & a gaming keyboard & mouse. That’s everything you need to start playing as soon as your PC arrives. You can get all of this, including a Lifetime Warranty & 2 Years Parts Replacement for just £569.95.

With PC gaming becoming more & more popular due to eSports & games such as PUBG, this is the perfect deal for anyone looking to get their hands on an affordable, yet powerful gaming system.

For more info, visit the Vibox Website.

To purchase your Sharpshooter Gaming PC Package today, visit:


Netgear Mini Wifi Booster – Review

Are you one of the 700 million people that currently play online games? Of course you are, why else would you be here? If so, you understand the frustration of trying to play video games on a poor internet connection.

We all have that one friend with a terrible connection. You know the one, 130 ping, 0.25 k/d, he’s usually at the bottom of the leaderboard shouting about how the game is ‘scripted’. You know the one, right? 

Well, chances are that dude is playing on a wireless connection. Home modem’s are all well and good when it comes to supplying a connection to mobile devices and laptops, but for online gaming, we need more speed. 

That’s where the Netgear Mini Wifi Booster comes in. Just plug this little bad boy into a regular plug socket, spend 5 minutes connecting it to your WiFi, and you’re all set. For just £14.95, you can boost your internet speed to up to 300 Mbps, and remove WiFi dead zones from your home. 

Not only does the booster speed up your wireless connection, it also extends it. Those tricky places in your house that don’t usually get a decent connection will now be fully WiFi accessible. Presonally, this WiFi booster extended the range of my WiFi to my entire garden, and increased my wireless download speed to 90mbps.

 A decent WiFi booster has to be the number one home improvement product of 2017, get yours from Amazon today!

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Retro Review – Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. A game of almost legendary status. If you have a console in your house at the minute, you probably owe your thanks to the turtle murdering little plumber. In the US in 1983, video game sales reached $3.2 billion. Just 2 years later, they were as low as $100 million. Interest in home video game consoles had petered out. The market had crashed.
Thousandss of people were made redundant, companies went bankrupt and the idea of home video game consoles had become a thing of the past. Luckily, a plucky Japanese video game company decided to give it one last crack. Nintendo released the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1985, and its flagship game? That’s right. Bible Adventures. 


Just kidding. Everyone’s favourite plumber accompanied the console and served as the mascot for Nintendo, as he still does today. The game itself is simple enough. Rescue Princess Toadstool whilst avoiding the brunt of Bowser’s turtle army. Collect coins, power ups and extra lives as you stomp your way across the Mushroom Kingdom. 

Super Mario Bros. was, for 3 decades, the best selling video game of all time, with over 40 million copies sold worldwide. The game ignited the burnt out video game industry and sparked countless spin-off games, books, TV shows and movies. Mario is the reason we got Sonic, he’s the reason we got Final Fantasy & Zelda. He’s the reason we got competition amongst video game developers. Mario, perhaps more than any other video game character, deserves his seat at the video game round table. 

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Patuoxun Wireless Mouse – Review

Q​u​ite simply, the Patuoxun 2400 DPI is the best value wireless gaming mouse on the internet. You will struggle to find a more comfortable, sturdy, responsive mouse for under £30, this mouse costs less than £7.

For the tiny investment of £6.79, you get a mouse that is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac (not that anyone games on Mac), has been click tested 5 million times, and comes with a conplikentary lifetime warranty. For £6.79!! You can either spend that money on overpriced coffee that you’ll piss away in an hour, or you can game for life with a wireless mouse. 

Complete with an automatic energy saving feature, 2.4g wireless connection and 2400 DPI, this mouse is more than capable of keeping up with even the most trigger happy gamer. It’s a bargain is what I’m trying to say. Professional gaming standards at a price we can all afford.

To receive the Patuoxun 2400DPI Wireless Mouse, the USB connector and the lifetime warranty for just £6.79, make sure to buy from Amazon.

Retro Review – Street Fighter

Although one on one fighting games had been popularized by 1984’s Karate Champ, Street Fighter set an industry standard that would be mimicked by fighting games for the next few decades. 

The smooth 6 button controls and the button sequence based special moves were the first of their kind. Despite the groundbreaking controls, Street Fighter was more of a technological success than a commercial success. It was Street Fighter II that really propelled the franchise into the mainstream.

Stretch Fighter II was originally released as an arcade game in 1991, but the release on SNES one year later brought the brawling game to the homes of millions. Improved graphics, more playable characters, each with their own fighting style, and the introduction of competitive multiplayer fights made Street Fighter II one of the most successful fighting games of all time.

Adjusted for inflation, it’s estimated that the arcade cabinets raked in over $4 billion in revenue. The console versions of the game sold over 14 million copies worldwide, leading the way in the fighting game industry.

The characters played a huge role in the commercial success of the Street Fighter franchise. The rivalry between Ryu and Ken is world famous, and any game with a badass, fire breathing yoga master instantly has my attention.

Capcom hit a home run with Street Fighter II, allowing the company to invest money in creating games such as Resident Evil and Devil May Cry.

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Retro Review – Sonic the Hedgehog

The original Sonic the Hedgehog game was a huge success at the time, and it’s easy to see why. The simple 3 button control system made it effortless to speed through complex tracks, and the jumping/combat system fits perfectly with the lightening fast gameplay.

This is exactly what you’d expect to get it you crossed American enthusiasm with Japanese style animated characters. A Hedgehog on speed that just wants to collect coins and beat up eggs. Oh yeah, the villain’s an egg in pants.

The little blue hedgehog basically carried the Sega Genesis, selling over 15 million copies. The game was considered Sega’s version of Nintendo’s Mario series, as Sonic was quickly made the face of the Sega brand. 

The gameplay is just hectic enough, any quicker and it would be nigh on impossible to complete. The aim of the game is to defeat the evil Dr. Ivo ‘Eggman’ Robotnik by dismantling his army of robot-imprisoned animals. The golden rings act as your health as well as the scoring system. 100 eggs gets you an extra life, but get hit by an enemy without any coins in your hedgehog pockets, and you’ll lose a life.

You can also lose lives by falling into a bottomless pit, by drowning or by running out of time. The endless ways to die make Sonic the Hedgehog one of the most difficult games of the era. The Green Hill Zone, the most famous of the Sonic levels, is manageable, but after that it starts to get very challenging. Don’t let that out you off booting up an emulator and having a go! Yes you’ll die a bunch of times, but you’ll have a bunch of fun whilst you do. 

If you fancy playing all 3 Sonic the Hedgehog games, as well as all 3 Mortal Kombat games and much more, pick up the PQube Sega Genesis Plug & Play Console from Amazon today! It’s the best way to play classic Sega games on your HDTV!

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New Nintendo 2DS XL – Review

Nintendo are really ramping things up this year. After the Wii U fell flat on its arse, there were murmurs of trouble brewing for the Japanese gaming giant. 2017 has brought some much needed vigour back to Nintendo. The Switch is great, and although it won’t outsell it’s competitors, it’s still selling by the bucket load. 

The success of the Switch coupled with the stellar line up of new releases has turned the tide in Nintendo’s favour. Zelda: Breath of the Wild was incredible, and Splatoon 2 looks to have picked up right where Splatoon left off, which is definitely no bad thing. All of that alone would be considered a successful year for a video game company that has had few successes in recent years, but they’ve decided to add yet another ‘new’ console to the mix.

The new 2DS XL is basically the 3DS XL without 3D, and trust me, the 3D is worth paying to get rid of. Whoever came up with the idea of a 3D handheld console is nothing short of nuts. There was no market for it, at all. I never once said to myself whilst staring at my original DS, “hey, you know what’d be awesome? If I could play Mario whilst my eyes burned like the heat of a thousand suns.”

Let’s give credit where it’s due, Nintendo saw the 3D didn’t work, and even though it’s taken them 6 years, they’ve finally gotten rid of it. What’s left is a comfortable, light, sleek console that I will be taking with me on any long journey (I’ll use it when the battery on my Switch runs out, which it will).

The screen is the same size as the 3DS’s, and is just as beautiful when the brightness is turned all the way up. I did find that the console got a bit warm after a while, but that’s probably because I didn’t stop playing it for an entire day. As usual with a Nintendo handheld, the games library is nothing short of immense. It isn’t a question of “will I find a game I enjoy?” It’s more “how will I be able to afford all of these games?!”

Handheld consoles are what Nintendo are best at. The cartoon style characters that have become synonymous with Nintendo perform much better on smaller, higher resolution screens. I’d much rather play a Mario game on a handheld, instead of watching a slightly pixelated plumber run around on my TV. 

In summary, if you liked the 3DS XL, you’ll love the new 2DS XL. You can pick one up from Amazon today!

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