About JakesBlogs


[Insert Bullshit Inspirational Quote Here]

You’ve got this far, which means you may have found something helpful/amusing in one of my blog posts. If so, let me introduce myself.

I’m Jake, a Chef and Freelance Writer from the North of England. Simply put, I write about things that interest me. I don’t have a ‘target audience’, if you find my posts interesting, or helpful, you are my target audience.

This blog is what you might expect to be born if you let a Comedy blog and a Health & Leisure blog fuck, and let a Recipe book video tape it. Oh yeah, maybe don’t let your kids read this blog.

I’m not here to take things seriously, there’s enough doom and gloom in the world without me adding to it. I’m here to write articles that will hopefully make you laugh in a world full of wankers. From Travel Guides, to Self Help atricles. From Recipes, to Film Reviews. Could be a laugh. Could be shit. You be the judge.

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