Netgear Mini Wifi Booster – Review

Are you one of the 700 million people that currently play online games? Of course you are, why else would you be here? If so, you understand the frustration of trying to play video games on a poor internet connection.

We all have that one friend with a terrible connection. You know the one, 130 ping, 0.25 k/d, he’s usually at the bottom of the leaderboard shouting about how the game is ‘scripted’. You know the one, right? 

Well, chances are that dude is playing on a wireless connection. Home modem’s are all well and good when it comes to supplying a connection to mobile devices and laptops, but for online gaming, we need more speed. 

That’s where the Netgear Mini Wifi Booster comes in. Just plug this little bad boy into a regular plug socket, spend 5 minutes connecting it to your WiFi, and you’re all set. For just £14.95, you can boost your internet speed to up to 300 Mbps, and remove WiFi dead zones from your home. 

Not only does the booster speed up your wireless connection, it also extends it. Those tricky places in your house that don’t usually get a decent connection will now be fully WiFi accessible. Presonally, this WiFi booster extended the range of my WiFi to my entire garden, and increased my wireless download speed to 90mbps.

 A decent WiFi booster has to be the number one home improvement product of 2017, get yours from Amazon today!

Now you’ve sorted out your WiFi, take a look at the Best Budget Gaming Mouse On The Internet.


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