Top 5 Sports Games Being Released Later This Year

We can’t get enough of sports games here at JBG. The idea of becoming a professional sports star without putting on pants is a huge incentive to us. As sports game season gets underway, we have comprised a list of the best sports games being released this year, starting with:

Madden NFL 18 – 25th August

American Football is exploding in the UK. There are now league games held in the UK every year, and there are even talks of London getting its own NFL franchise. Now, you can’t deny it, American football can be as exciting as any sport on the planet, but it isn’t proper football, is it? They have 1 player on each team that’s allowed to use his feet. It’s not football. Don’t. Stop it.

It is however, an incredibly exciting, dramatic sport, and that makes for a great video game. The new madden game will feature the series’ first ever story mode, taken from the mould of FIFA’s The Journey. Its gameplay mechanics are always spot on, the frostbite engine makes player likeness amongst the best, madden NFL 18 is guaranteed to be the best American ‘football’ game this year.

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Everybody’s Golf – 29th August

Everybody’s Golf has to be the most exciting golf game to be released this year. It’s about as exciting as a golf game gets really. With realistic physics, character customisation and free roam golf courses, it has all of the potential to become a guy with streamers and players alike.

The Everybody’s Golf games have been doing the rounds on Sony consoles since the PS1, and they have always delivered. The great thing about the series is, it isn’t confused The games aren’t trying to be anything more then a really good golf game, and that’s all we need them to be.

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NBA 2K18 – 19th September

Just as EA Sports have ruled the Football simulator genre, 2K sit atop of the Basketball simulator hierarchy. EA attempt to topple them with an NBA Live game every year, and every year they fail. 2K have a loyal fanbase that buy their games by the millions, and you can see why.

The storytelling is probably the best of any sports game on the market, 2K’s MyCareer mode puts you centre stage of a lively, dramatic NBA story mode. Meet players, work on your shot with your team mates at practice, you even choose your own sponsors and promotional events! It’s the most in depth basketball experience you can have without donning a jersey yourself.

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FIFA 18 – 29th September

It’s almost here. The 25th installment of the ever popular FIFA series promises to be the most in depth football simulator ever made. With more leagues then ever before, an all new crossing and header system, and the promise of an all new ‘The Journey’ story mode, EA have pulled out all the stops to make sure they remain at the top of the Football simulator food chain.

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WWE 2K18 – 17th October

YES IT IS A SPORT! Phew. Now that’s out of my system, let’s get on with it. 2K rules more than just the NBA when it comes to video game depictions. Pro wrestling is every lads secret guilty pleasure. I don’t care who you are, if you watch the footage of Stone Cold Steve Austin hitting Vince McMahon with the Stunner, you will be going off. 

Yes, it’s fake, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t just as exciting as other sports. The games take the best of the current superstars on the WWE roster, and mixes them with classic wrestlers such The Rock and The Big Show. Our favourite thing to do on a WWE game? Throw them all in a royal rumble.

Can’t guess our favourite wrestler? Check the bold letters.

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Thanks for visiting JBG! Whilst you’re here, check out The 6 Best FIFA Songs Ever.


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