Splatoon 2’s First Splatfest Has Begun

As of 14:00 GMT on August 5th, the first official Splatfest is underway, and it asks a simple question. Mayo or Ketchup? Head to Inkopolis Square to choose your team, then get to battle! You’ll be given a Splatfest Tee adorned with your team logo, which you’ll wear during the event. 

If you’re thinking ‘what in holy hell is a Splatfest?’ fear not. A Splatfest is a game-wide competition between any player that chooses a team. You will represent your team in 4 v 4 matches, the team with the most wins at the end of Splatfest will recieve a bunch of Super Sea Snails for their efforts. 

You’ll also receive Super Sea Snails at the end of every match. These add towards your Splatfest Title. A better Splatfest Title means more Super Sea Snails after each match! Simple! 

Splatfest ends at 14:00 GMT on Sunday 6th August, so get out there and get splatting!


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