Patuoxun Wireless Mouse – Review

Q​u​ite simply, the Patuoxun 2400 DPI is the best value wireless gaming mouse on the internet. You will struggle to find a more comfortable, sturdy, responsive mouse for under £30, this mouse costs less than £7.

For the tiny investment of £6.79, you get a mouse that is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac (not that anyone games on Mac), has been click tested 5 million times, and comes with a conplikentary lifetime warranty. For £6.79!! You can either spend that money on overpriced coffee that you’ll piss away in an hour, or you can game for life with a wireless mouse. 

Complete with an automatic energy saving feature, 2.4g wireless connection and 2400 DPI, this mouse is more than capable of keeping up with even the most trigger happy gamer. It’s a bargain is what I’m trying to say. Professional gaming standards at a price we can all afford.

To receive the Patuoxun 2400DPI Wireless Mouse, the USB connector and the lifetime warranty for just £6.79, make sure to buy from Amazon.


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