The 6 Best FIFA Songs Ever

There’s something special about a FIFA soundtrack. They almost become as famous as the games themselves. When you think back to the PS2 days, your memories aren’t of goals you scored with Thierry Henry, they are of sitting in the menus, listening to the amazing songs included that year.

Here’s our shortlist of the best FIFA Songs ever, starting with: 

Jerk It Out – Caesars

This song is first on the list for a reason. If you ask any FIFA fan ‘what is the best FIFA song ever?’ 90% of them will say Jerk It Out by Caesars. 

The first 5 seconds of this song are enough to send you hurtling back to 2004. A simpler time, before terrible online servers, before the game became obsessed with micro-transactions, back when it was simply about making the best football simulator possible. That’s what this song represents. It’s a banger.

Red Morning Light – Kings of Leon

FIFA 2004 had possibly the greatest soundtrack of any FIFA game, and this absolute belter made sure if it. This is the song you were greeted with when you first started the game, it set the tone for a game chock full of memorable tunes.

Song 2 – Blur

This song was the intro to FIFA: Road to the World Cup 98. Not the catchiest of titles, but it had a proper soundtrack. It’s crowning jewel? The newly released Song 2 by Blur.

This tune, again, was used to introduce players to the game. This is a practice EA used to use on most of their games, an uplifting song to get players in the mood to play some fast paced football.

Rockafeller Skank – Fatboy Slim

Another 90’s classic accompanied FIFA 99 in the shape of Rockafeller Skank by Fatboy Slim. Not every song has the potential to be a fifa song, but Rockafeller Skank was destined for it.

A Town Called Malice – The Jam

Another absolute pearler from the FIFA 2004 soundtrack. In fact, I’m going out to buy a PS2 and FIFA 2004 right now, just to hear that soundtrack one more time. Just, enjoy…

Helicopter – Bloc Party

The guy that was in charge of the FIFA soundtracks in the mid-naughties needs a statue. This absolute classic is pulled from the soundtrack of FIFA 2006, it just screams ‘please kick a footy about’.

Absolute worldie’s, all of them. You can pre-order FIFA 18 for PS4 from Amazon to play 3 days early!


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