New Wolfenstein 2 Gameplay Footage Has Been Released

A select group of industry insiders have been given the chance to play through a couple of the missions from the upcoming Wolfenstein sequel. The game takes place in 1961, in Nazi occupied America. Confused? Well, the Nazis won WW2 in the Wolfenstein universe.

The game follows the story of main protagonist William “BJ” Blazcowicz, a member of the American resistance, as he attempts to set up a second American Revolution. 

The first installment of the series made waves in the video game industry, mostly thanks to the diverse gameplay options given to players. Want to make BJ a master of stealth, taking Nazis out with silenced weapons and executions? Go for it. Want to sprint full belt at every Nazi you see, trying to pack as many bullets into their bodies as possible? Go for that too.

The new Eurogamer gameplay shows the first mission, as BJ uses a wheelchair to escape a Nazi stronghold. 

There are many more gameplay videos on YouTube, just search ‘Wolfenstein 2 gameplay’.

Wolfenstein II: The New Collosus is available to pre-order from Amazon right now, go get it!


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