The Best Dogs In Video Game History

Here is a list of the best video game puppers ever, starting with:

Dogmeat – Fallout 4

The perfect fluffy-faced sidekick to accompany an adventurer across a post apocalyptic wasteland. Dogmeat never fails to make a battle 10 times harder by just straight up sprinting at enemies, causing you to battle 10 times harder to save his ass. Look at his little face though!

Chop – GTA V

Franklin’s trusty sidekick has to be up there with the best video game dogs ever. He will chase literally anything you throw for him (including grenades) and is always up for a good old scrap. Beware, Chop’s doggy AI isn’t the greatest, you’ll find he loves nothing more than walking in front of moving vehicles.

PaRappa – PaRappa the Rapper

He’s a rapping dog. Enough said. 

Jake – Dog’s Life

What? You don’t remember Dog’s Life? Oh, it was great. In Dog’s Life, main character Jake travels 100’s of miles to rescue his Golden Retriever girlfriend. He travels all the way from his home on a farm to a snowy ski resort, using his sense of smell as his guide. Good Boy Rating: 10/10

Rush – Megaman

Rush is the faithful sidekick of Megaman in the legendary video game series. Not only is Rush a good boy, he can also fly, be used as a submarine and transform himself into a suit of armour. No other dogs on this list can do that.

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