Legendary Pokémon Are Finally In Pokémon Go

After the absolute disaster that was Pokémon Go Fest, developers Niantic have confirmed the worst kept secret in mobile gaming, legendary Pokémon will be added to Pokémon Go as soon as this weekend.

Connectivity issues made Pokémon Go almost unplayable for attendees of the first ever Pokémon Go Fest. As a ‘thanks for coming, sorry it was shite’ gift, Niantic have promised anyone that attended the festical will receive a free Lugia. The rest of us will have to keep an eye out for group raids for a chance to bag our own Lugia. 

The other legendary announced is Articuno, but players won’t be able to get their pokeballs around the ice-type legendary Pokémon just yet. Articuno is due to be released within the next few weeks, thanks to the efforts of Team Mystic, who caught the most Pokémon within the allotted time slots during Pokémon Go Fest.

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