Ryan Reynolds Could Star In A Rainbow Six Movie

Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds is rumoured to be first choice for an upcoming Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six adaptation. Reynolds is reportedly first choice when it comes to filling the boots of John Clark, the special forces operative at the head of the Rainbow organisation. 
If he accepts the role, Reynolds would be stepping into shoes previously worn by Willem Dafoe, Liev Schreiber and Ben Affleck. Yes, this would be a reboot. Something we are seeing far too much of. It seems like one in every two movies is a reboot these days. 

I love Rainbow Six as much as the next guy, but wouldn’t you much rather see something more original, like a Splinter Cell movie? Or a Division movie? It seems a strange choice to keep rebooting the same character given the amount of  excellent material Tom Clancy produced in his life.

The source material is solid and the fanbase is already established, the only challenge is doing justice to an incredible novel and one of the most successful video game franchises ever. No pressure then Ryan. 

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