We Have Our First Look at Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Story Mode

The game that has Star Wars fans most excited this year is of course Battlefront 2. Although the last game fell short of fan expectations, the hype surrounding this game hasn’t suffered. I for one can’t wait to shoot the arms and legs off a droid on Naboo, just to make up for all the cheesy dialogue in the Prequels.

One huge difference between this game and it’s predecessor is the inclusion of a Story Mode. Playing online is fun and all, but we’ve been crying out for a decent Star Wars story mode since the PlayStation 2 days. 

EA have listened to fans, and now for the first time, we have an in depth look into Battlefront 2’s Story Mode.

The story mode is set just after Return of the Jedi, with our main character, Identify Versio witnessing the explosion of the second Death Star from Naboo. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the main character is the leader of an Imperial Death Squad. 

Give it a watch if you haven’t already, it looks epic.

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