New Nintendo 2DS XL – Review

Nintendo are really ramping things up this year. After the Wii U fell flat on its arse, there were murmurs of trouble brewing for the Japanese gaming giant. 2017 has brought some much needed vigour back to Nintendo. The Switch is great, and although it won’t outsell it’s competitors, it’s still selling by the bucket load. 

The success of the Switch coupled with the stellar line up of new releases has turned the tide in Nintendo’s favour. Zelda: Breath of the Wild was incredible, and Splatoon 2 looks to have picked up right where Splatoon left off, which is definitely no bad thing. All of that alone would be considered a successful year for a video game company that has had few successes in recent years, but they’ve decided to add yet another ‘new’ console to the mix.

The new 2DS XL is basically the 3DS XL without 3D, and trust me, the 3D is worth paying to get rid of. Whoever came up with the idea of a 3D handheld console is nothing short of nuts. There was no market for it, at all. I never once said to myself whilst staring at my original DS, “hey, you know what’d be awesome? If I could play Mario whilst my eyes burned like the heat of a thousand suns.”

Let’s give credit where it’s due, Nintendo saw the 3D didn’t work, and even though it’s taken them 6 years, they’ve finally gotten rid of it. What’s left is a comfortable, light, sleek console that I will be taking with me on any long journey (I’ll use it when the battery on my Switch runs out, which it will).

The screen is the same size as the 3DS’s, and is just as beautiful when the brightness is turned all the way up. I did find that the console got a bit warm after a while, but that’s probably because I didn’t stop playing it for an entire day. As usual with a Nintendo handheld, the games library is nothing short of immense. It isn’t a question of “will I find a game I enjoy?” It’s more “how will I be able to afford all of these games?!”

Handheld consoles are what Nintendo are best at. The cartoon style characters that have become synonymous with Nintendo perform much better on smaller, higher resolution screens. I’d much rather play a Mario game on a handheld, instead of watching a slightly pixelated plumber run around on my TV. 

In summary, if you liked the 3DS XL, you’ll love the new 2DS XL. You can pick one up from Amazon today!

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