What is Wild West Online?

Wild West Online is an upcoming MMO game developed by 612 Games for PC. Set in an open world version of the Old West, WWO will feature a complex behaviour based rating system. Follow the rules, you will be left to go about your business. Lie, cheat and steal, you will find your face plastered across the sherrifs ‘Wanted’ posters.

End up wanted, and you’ll soon be forced to use the PvP combat system to defend yourself from other players that are keen to collect your bounty. If breaking the law isn’t your cup of tea, why not head over to the local Sheriff’s office to become a Deputy or Bounty Hunter. There is a great price to be earned hunting down players on the wrong side of the law.

If you prefer to earn your money without killing, you can always try exploring hidden parts of the map trying to find treasure, or Gold mining. Bear in mind, the Old West is a ruthless place. There is always a player less well off than yourself that is willing to let you earn your money honestly, then kill you and take your loot. Why not team up with a few friends and watch each others back? If not, you can pay players to protect you as you earn your riches.

WWO takes inspiration from all of the great Wild West games. Think Red Dead Redemption, Gun and Call of Juarez are rolled into one, with the added rush of an MMO. The constant fear that you could be pickpocketed of shotgunned at any moment is guaranteed to add an edge to an already spectacular looking game.

Wild West Online isĀ available for pre-order right now.

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