GORN VR – Review

GORN is a brutal, gladiator style virtual reality game developed by Free Lives and available from Steam. The realistic physics engine couples beautifully with the simplistic animation. It’s so satisfying to throw an animated mace at muscle bound gladiator and watch him explode into a thousand mushy pieces. 

GORN is one of those games that you just can’t stop playing once you pick it up. Whether you’re cutting off limbs with a sword, shooting off heads with a bow or simply punching gladiators until they disintegrate, it doesn’t get old. 

Make sure you’re in an open room with plenty of space to swing your arms around whilst playing. The fast paced nature and ability to throw your items can cause unwanted wall-punching incidents if you aren’t careful. 

The unlockable weapons and champions are a nice touch, and the challenges are complex enough to make unlocking a new item sufficiently satisfying. GORN is currently in Steams Early Access and is available for 25% off for a limited time. 


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