PUBG’s New Desert Map Will Feature High Rise Apartment Buildings

Fans have been treated to a sneak peak of the new buildings included in PUBG’s new map.

PUBG New Map

This is going to be SO fun to loot. Imagine it, your squad is pinned in a tiny apartment. There are shots in the apartment next to you. You’re low on ammo, meds and weapons. You’re going to have to fight your way out.

The larger buildings in PUBG’s current map are always the most popular looting spots, which makes us think these buildings will be no different. This could well be the ‘new’ military base style area of the map. It’s a big risk to drop there, but you’ll real the rewards if you survive.

PUBG is expected to release on Xbox One later this year, and the new map shouldn’t be too far behind.

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Vibox Gaming PC Bundle – Review

One of the questions we get asked most here at JBGaming is ‘how can I get a gaming PC for console prices?’ The short answer is, you can’t. That’s also the long answer, too. It’s impossible to get even a slightly decent desktop PC for console money, let alone a machine that can run Skyrim in 4K.

The fact of the matter is, you get what you pay for when it comes to PC gaming. To get a half decent PC that will run games such as PUBG, Overwatch & GTA, you’re going to have to pay half decent money. 

The Vibox Sharpshooter Package is the perfect place to start if you’re looking for an introductory gaming PC. It is designed with upgrades in mind, but comes fully stocked with a lightening fast 4.0GHz AMD FX 4-Core CPU, a powerful Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 2GB Graphics Card & 8GBs 1600MHz High Speed RAM. That’s enough to wet the lips of even the most experienced PC gamer.

The machine is powerful enough to run almost all high end games, and the package even includes a free 22″ HD Monitor, a headset & a gaming keyboard & mouse. That’s everything you need to start playing as soon as your PC arrives. You can get all of this, including a Lifetime Warranty & 2 Years Parts Replacement for just £569.95.

With PC gaming becoming more & more popular due to eSports & games such as PUBG, this is the perfect deal for anyone looking to get their hands on an affordable, yet powerful gaming system.

For more info, visit the Vibox Website.

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Football Manager 2018 Has A Release Date

Sega have announced the release date for the next installment of the ever popular football simulator. The best football management game on the market will be available for PC, Mac & Linux on November 10th. The mobile & tart versions of the game will launch simultaneously with the PC game, in what is a series first for Football Manager.Sega also announced that anybody that pre-orderes the game from a ‘Sega-approved retailer’ will be able to play the game 2 weeks early via a fully featured beta version. Also, anyone that buys the game through Steam or the Sega store, that also has Football Manager 2017 in their library will recieve a 25% discount.

Little else is known about Football Manager 2018, more details are set to be released at the end of September. While you’re waiting, check out The 6 Best FIFA Song’s Ever.

Netgear Mini Wifi Booster – Review

Are you one of the 700 million people that currently play online games? Of course you are, why else would you be here? If so, you understand the frustration of trying to play video games on a poor internet connection.

We all have that one friend with a terrible connection. You know the one, 130 ping, 0.25 k/d, he’s usually at the bottom of the leaderboard shouting about how the game is ‘scripted’. You know the one, right? 

Well, chances are that dude is playing on a wireless connection. Home modem’s are all well and good when it comes to supplying a connection to mobile devices and laptops, but for online gaming, we need more speed. 

That’s where the Netgear Mini Wifi Booster comes in. Just plug this little bad boy into a regular plug socket, spend 5 minutes connecting it to your WiFi, and you’re all set. For just £14.95, you can boost your internet speed to up to 300 Mbps, and remove WiFi dead zones from your home. 

Not only does the booster speed up your wireless connection, it also extends it. Those tricky places in your house that don’t usually get a decent connection will now be fully WiFi accessible. Presonally, this WiFi booster extended the range of my WiFi to my entire garden, and increased my wireless download speed to 90mbps.

 A decent WiFi booster has to be the number one home improvement product of 2017, get yours from Amazon today!

Now you’ve sorted out your WiFi, take a look at the Best Budget Gaming Mouse On The Internet.

Dota 2 Is Adding 2 New Heroes In It’s Dueling Fates Update

Valve has unveiled its latest update for the ever popular online battle arena. ‘Dueling Fates’ will introduce 2 brand new heroes to the battlefield, but their identities remain a secret.

The first hero appears to have the ability to roll around the battlefield at high speed. The second appears to be a fairy with the ability to summon sprites to the battlefield from their lantern. 

Watch the trailer for the upcoming update below:

Have you heard about the latest No Man’s Sky Update? 

No Man’s Sky Update Adds 30 Hours Of Story + Multiplayer

It looks like Hello Games are finally taking steps to making No Man’s Sky the game we were originally promised in 2016. The release of the game in August of last year was met with fury as fans felt cheated by developers Hello Games. Fans claim they lied about the multiplayer, they lied about the story mode, they lied about the diverse planets, and when fans asked for updates, Hello Games stayed silent for months.

So, why should we bother even writing an article about a game that enraged so many gamers? Well, let’s be fair. Hello Games could quite easily have taken the $78 million of No Man’s Sky money and headed for retirement. But they didn’t. They have listened to fan feedback and have continued to update the game. Now, almost a year since its original release, No Man’s Sky is looking like the game we all hoped it would.

The new 1.3 update adds a brand new 30 hour story campaign, procedurally generated missions and a multiplayer that shows other players as orbs. Although this isn’t the multiplayer we were expecting, it’s a productive step towards fully fledged co-op in No Man’s Sky. You can also now communicate with other players when in close enough proximity.

The games brand new story mode adds 30 hours of gameplay, double the lore of the original game and thousands of new interactions. Hello Games teased fans about the new story mode, saying “Discover the truth behind the Abandoned Building logs, the World of Glass, the Sentinels, the Redemption of the Gek, and the Meaning of the 16…”

The full patch notes for the 1.3 update are as follows:


  • Increased variety in weather, planet and structure names
  • More base building parts have unique names
  • Prevented trees spawning on sheer cliffs
  • Improved object placement on slopes
  • Improved grass placement and density
  • Changed the default starting ship model
  • Regenerated galaxy to remove differences between survival, normal and creative game modes
  • Improved building distribution
  • Increased distribution of heridium deposits
  • Improved generation of beaches along shorelines
  • Repositioned player bases to accommodate generation changes


  • Improved settings for hazard damage and strength
  • Reduce cave hazard recharge times
  • Added Shielding Shard to the starting player inventory
  • Limited the depth at which buildings can spawn underwater


  • More tech available in tech shops
  • Balanced tech shop standing requirements
  • Standing lights have a proper name when you interact with them
  • Increased robustness of systems for locating buildings
  • Increased number and types of objects which can be scanned
  • Increased information available about scanned foliage and creatures
  • Improved planet resource lists
  • Craftable products now sorted by most recent use
  • Improved differentiation of weapons
  • Fixed pinning product recipes and technology guides
  • Continued story unlocked through abandoned buildings
  • Added interactions and dialogue options for many structures and characters
  • Overhauled secondary character interactions


  • Alloys, farm products and new gas products now form separate branches of a larger craft tree
  • Added new valuable higher tier craft products
  • Added new harvester to harvest atmospheric gases
  • Added new trade specific products
  • Added new farmable “Star Bramble” plant
  • Added larger 4 plant hydroponic tray
  • Increased contrast between picked and unpicked resource plants to more easily tell them apart
  • Balanced priced of alloys, farm products and gases
  • Improved distributions of resources on planets
  • Improved scan ranges for resources on planets
  • Added scan markers on more smaller plutonium crystals to aid resource gathering


  • Balanced freighter prices
  • Fixed collision on freighter bridge
  • Added freighter classes
  • Added ability to warp in your freighter
  • Fixed floating turrets on capital freighters


  • Improved space heavy air
  • Added requirement to scan planets in order to reveal their names
  • Improved planet name display as you enter orbit
  • Fix for massive carve radius when mining asteroids


  • Updated galactic map UI
  • Improved galactic map controls
  • Improved star names gathered in galaxy map flythrough
  • Improved distribution of different coloured stars
  • Added interstellar scan events


  • Added ability to summon your ship from the quick menu
  • Refined ship reticules
  • Added new holographic cockpit HUD elements: mini map, pulse drive warning and target ship
  • Added new ship technology
  • Balanced space combat
  • Balanced ship weapons and technology
  • Updated ship weapon projectile effects
  • Updated ship hit direction markers
  • Improved flare graphics on ships
  • Improved loot containers dropped by AI ships
  • Improved effects on damaged AI ships
  • Balanced crashed ships broken slots and repair costs
  • Added a more convenient swap inventory button for moving items between new/crashed ships and storage units
  • Updated design of Atlas pass icons
  • Added ability to look around the cockpit when landed
  • Allowed player to remain in ship cockpit after landing
  • Improved spawning and distribution of AI ships
  • Improved ship altimeter
  • Added in-ship communicator
  • Added button prompt for ship zoom
  • Fixed a bug where your ship could become invisible by visiting the galactic map
  • Improved Pirate systems including the ability to negotiate or call in support
  • Added low flight mode
  • Improved landing code

Could Gaming Become An Olympic Sport?

If co-president of the Paris Olympic bid committee Tony Estanguet of to be believed, it could be, and it could happen as soon as 2024. Estanguet told the Associated Press “we have to look at it because we can’t say, ‘it’s not us. It’s not about Olympics.'””The youth, yes they are interested in eSports and this kind of thing. Yes let’s look at it. Let’s meet them. Let’s see if we can find some bridges. I don’t want to say no from the beginning. I think it’s interesting to interact with the eSports family, to better understand what the process is and why it is such a success.” 

The official list of sports I included in the Paris Olympics will be announced after the 2020 games in Tokyo. The organisers of the Asian Games have already announced that eSports will have ‘full medal status’ at the 2022 games in Hangzhou China.

Critics and purists claim that eSports aren’t a show of any physical strength or skill, and therefore can’t be included in the Olympics. Well, I’d love to see the ‘critics and purists’ clutch a 5 v 1 on dust 2, fuckin scrubs.

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